It is not allowed to reuse or copy any of the digital content or parts of it, available from www.pantser.net. However (hyper) links which are refering to any available digital content is allowed. All published (edited) images comes from digital photographs taken by myself; available text comments and information are fully gathered and published by myself. The information comes from a lot of sources, like the visited museums and information sources on location. Also there is much insight and knowledge gained by reading information in countless books, watching movies & documentaries and various Online available information.
The photographs are taken by me at various locations and special events, e.g. museum visits, monuments, exhibitions, military events, commemorative events, etc. I would emphasize; all published content and information is based upon personal interest, the content of this website serves no commercial interest or political interest.

In case you do have any questions, remarks or additional information; feel free to contact me, just drop an email: 2@pantser.net

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